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>Arancha Muñoz-Criado
Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI-España)

I am a strategic ecological and urban planner, Master in Landscape Architecture (Harvard). With more than 25 years’ experience, in cross-cultural, multidisciplinary, team-orientated projects, I have worked to foster environmental sustainability and economic efficiency, while improving landscape quality. As General Secretary for Urban Planning, Landscape and Environment of the Autonomous Region of Valencia I developed and directed: The Strategic Plan for the Region of Valencia 2030, The Regional Green Infrastructure Plan, and the Spatial Planning, Landscape and Urban Development Law which establishes Green Infrastructure as the foundation of multi-scale coordination and planning, and as the framework for urban planning and design. Now, 550 municipalities of the region are required, by law, to do a green infrastructure plan before they do their general plans. I developed and implemented the Landscape Policy for the region of Valencia to fully implement the European Landscape Convention by designing and defining a set of policies and plans, including the Landscape Law, to protect and enhance the landscapes of the region based on the concept of Green Infrastructure. Prior to my role in regional government, I was President and founder of Landar, a landscape architecture and landscape planning firm where I was responsible for the design of major parks and plans for regional and urban open space systems, including the Parque de Cabecera in Valencia (2002); the Waterfront Promenade in Pinar Beach, Castellón (2003); Waterfront Dune Park in the Albufera, Valencia. In the last few years I have been working in London, leading and coordinating major projects in Indonesia, Qatar and Medina. I am now developing the Green Infrastructure Framework for the USA, a joint project between Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) and National Geographic.

Tipo de participación en el congreso
Actividad: ST-19 Infraestructura verde para sociedades y territorios saludables.
Ponencia: Ordenación territorial y urbanística
Actividad: ST-19 Infraestructura verde para sociedades y territorios saludables.
Ponencia: Infraestructura verde en EEUU