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>Fernando Santos-Martín
Laboratorio de Socio-Ecosistemas. Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM)

My research is currently focused on the process of ecosystems assessment and their relationships to human wellbeing from its biophysical, socio- cultural and economic dimensions. Methodologically, my work has focused on analyzing through indicators and spatial information the status and trends of aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems services and their contribution to our human wellbeing. I am also especially interesting the relationships between the rural and urban system, analyzing the impact of various drivers of change ( ie rural abandonment , economic model ) play in the flow of ecosystem services and the impact that certain policies have on the land management and biodiversity conservation. The ultimate goal of my work is to demonstrate the complex relationships between natural and human systems to help sectorial policies to developed instruments linking Spanish conservation policies with international and European policies

Tipo de participación en el congreso
Actividad: ST-19 Infraestructura verde para sociedades y territorios saludables.
Ponencia: Infraestructura verde y Servicios de los ecosistemas: Bienvenidos al puzzle territorial.